London Wells #2 and #3: Yes, the story of Chas and London continues! I’m currently working on the rough drafts for the next two volumes simultaneously, with the aim of releasing them fairly close together — probably in 2019. (I’ve planned four books altogether.)

Mi’hani War #2: Lark and Natalia of Shaper will also return — hopefully in 2018. There will be four books in their arc — possibly more. They have a war to fight.

“Skinchanger”: Professors who are also gryphons. Universities that are also fortresses. A long dead civilization that has secrets to tell, and the gentle but fierce young scholar who will brave the skies to hear them. I’m nearly done with this fantasy romance but have it in suspended animation as I work on London. This will be the first in a new series, probably the first of several series in a new world.

Pressing Shift: Silly little category-style werewolf romance with copious gamer geek cheek. This is done, I’m just hedging. Looking at a 2018 release, maybe to Kindle Unlimited. It’ll be the first of a trilogy.