I haven’t. But I bet my neighbors had a laugh. I think I managed to get as much gravel into the bin as yellow soggy maple leaves, pound for pound. Having only done this raking thing once before, I’m no expert–but I get the impression it’s not supposed to work that way.

And when the hell did it get to be November?? Never mind. Happy holiday season! My contemporary holiday (foodie!) romance, A Touch of a Brogue, will be released on November 12. Preorder here to get it three days early. Not that I speak from experience or anything, but after reading, be ready to make an emergency visit to a Portland pub for Irish nachos or to the grocery for fresh tortellini, prosciutto, and imported salami…

I continue to work on the sequel to Shaper and the next two installments of the London Wells series. Making headway on the rough drafts and crossing fingers that at least two of these stories will be on electronic shelves next year.

Also: For the first time in…probably ten years or more, I’m participating in NaNoWriMo. An excuse to take a break from years-long projects. As the wise prophet Monty Python once said–a multitude of times–“Now for something completely different.” Follow my progress here.