In January, I took an unexpected detour in my writing to work on a surprise project — that is, a surprise to me. That manuscript went out earlier this month, and so now I’m finding my way back to the sequels for London Wells and Shaper. I’m working on these simultaneously, and at a relaxed pace. The real challenge has become coordinating the events of both books. I didn’t anticipate just how closely the two series would intertwine, something I’m only discovering as I go. They are still separate entities, and it won’t be necessary to read one to enjoy the other, but — I hope — some things will click if you read all of the London Wells and Mi’hani War stories in publication order. I’ve reached a point in the rough drafts of both sequels where characters are colliding and consequences from one story are playing out in the other. As a result, characters who had originally only been supporting cast are taking on lives of their own, and some events are more significant. I hope both series end up a little richer for it. I’m not going to spoil anything here, but: I’m looking forward to the meeting between two characters in particular.

And that’s it. I won’t say another thing. (But I will smile maliciously.)