This week marked the release of my first full-length novel (a LONG novel, according to my publisher, clocking in at over 100k after cuts). I started London Wells’ story in 2012. He’s gone through a lot since then. So, for that matter, have I. I’m excited to finally introduce him to the world–although he may not be as thrilled, as much as he dislikes the public eye. The Spires of Turris is book one of four chronicling London’s search for the link between the ancient alien Lost races. In a way, he and I have been on this trek a long time. Years now. And yet, his journey has just begun!

In celebration of its release, I’m giving away 3 free ebook copies of Spires of Turris in your preferred format. Respond in the comments below for a chance to win. I would love hear about your travels. What’s the most unusual, interesting, or breathtaking place you’ve been?

I’ll be drawing the names of 3 commenters next Sunday, 1/15.