Welcome! I’m Christine. I write stories and stuff. My latest projects, The Spires of Turris and the upcoming novelette Shaper, take place in a far futuristic universe with rules of reality that bend a little.

I’ve got a few more projects planned for 2017 (fantasy things and shapeshifter things–maybe even some other things). Feel free to check back and see what trouble I’m up to. ^.^



My first full-length novel, The Spires of Turris, was released on 1-2-17 by NineStar Press. It’s the first of a four-part series chronicling the adventures of xenoarchaeologist London Wells and his intrepid research assistant (*waggles eyebrows*), Chas Chambers.



Speak of the devil: A dark shadow passed over us. A ship making a run for it. I watched, fascinated, as one of the pterodactyls spun off from the camp to pursue it. The ship fired at the creature, and whoever manned the gun turrets had no idea what they were doing, because shots went in every direction. Or maybe that was the tactic. Fire enough, and one was bound to hit—a law in artillery and male reproductive biology.

A bolt clipped the ptero’s wing. It screeched and fell away, floundering in the air.

The pterodactyl spotted us and deemed us better targets for its wrath. It screamed and dove. So did Chas.

I dropped to my knees in a slide and brought my gun to bear. It didn’t fire. Shit. I popped the energy cell, grabbed a replacement from the belt, and ratcheted it into place. Looked up. Four jaws spread wide, revealing rows of curving needles and a black tube tongue, close enough to see the string of saliva stretching across.

I took aim. Fired. The four jaws spasmed; the thing shrieked and spun away. It crashed hard in the dust.

Nearby, Chas scrabbled to his hands and knees. He let out an alarmed sound and looked at me with wide eyes.

“What?” I said. “Did you think I just shoot like that in stories?”

The Spires of Turris